FAM - Friday Afternoon Meetings

15.15-16.00 @Aud-D1 Math Department

Talks are preferentially given by ’far-in-their-project’ M.Sc./Ph.D. students, post docs or PI’s. 

Each talk is 18-20 minutes allowing time for a couple of questions from the audience. 

We urge everyone (especially students and post docs) to ask questions.











Torben H. Jensen


Daniel Otzen

Agnieszka Tudek

Escape from rapid nuclear mRNA decay in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae depends on Nab2 and Mex67

Nicholas Schaefer

Membrane protein folding in vitro and in silico: a comprehensive study of the rhomboid protease GlpG





Ditlev E. Brodersen


Jørgen Kjems

Meriem Senissar

Structural and functional analysis of VapC20-PIN domain associated with its target RNA

Rasmus Thomsen

Aptamer-gated DNA nanopores




Daniel Otzen


Rune Hartmann

Kirsten G. Malmos

Glycosaminoglycans and Protein Aggregation

Andreas Holleufer

Elucidation of the cGAS-STING pathway in Drosophila



Lotte Bjergbæk


Finn S. Pedersen

Beatriz Ferrando-Fores

What we can learn about human aging from plant mitochondria

Dennis Selnihhin

Development of hyper-immunogenic vaccines




Rune Hartmann


Jørgen Kjems

Hans Henrik Gad

How Interferon Lambda controls viral infection without causing pathogenic inflammation

Karoline Ebbesen

circRNA biogenesis and Function



Tinna Stevnsner


Pia M. Martensen

Kristoffer Pors

Repair of a site-specific replication-born DNA double strand break in S. cerevisiae

Johan Bo Augustinus

Activity and localization of OAS1 isoforms and mutants



Christian K. Damgaard


Torben H. Jensen

Anne Kruse Hollensen

Suppression of microRNA activity by Tough Decoy microRNA inhibitors

Søren Lykke-Andersen

snoRNAs acting in cis as riboswitches controling the alternative splicing of their host pre-mRNAs