Scientific collaborations

Collaboration in Denmark and abroad plays an extremely important role for the department, particularly in the area of research. The department’s researchers regularly enter into different national and international agreements, such as:

  • partnerships with researchers in Denmark and abroad
  • staff and student exchanges in connection with research collaborations
  • visiting researcher programmes at institutions abroad
  • receiving visiting researchers from abroad
  • participation in national and international conferences and meetings
  • participation in international projects such as European Union programmes
  • student exchanges with international institutions via different programmes such as ERASMUS (Europe), TASSEP (USA, Canada and Europe) and individual agreements with Australia
  • holding science lectures and conferences

The department has extensive research collaboration with other scientists in Denmark and abroad:

The different national and international research centres that the department’s researchers are part of form an important basis for the collaboration with other researchers.

The different student exchange agreements in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia are an important part of our international collaboration.

In addition, we invite scientists from research institutions and biotechnology companies in Denmark and abroad to present their work at the department’s different seminar programmes:

as well as different conferences and meetings in the department’s fields of research.