(Upper) secondary schools

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics offers a so-called visitor’s service programme.
The visitor’s service mainly targets upper secondary schools, higher technical and higher preparatory classes, and senior classes at secondary schools, but everyone is welcome to contact us.

We offer academic events – both at the university and in some cases at the schools as well – such as

  • popular science lectures
  • conducted tours of the laboratories
  • demonstrations of experiments and
  • an opportunity to carry out experiments

The events are free – but please refer to the following practical information.

We also offer subject-related support in connection with study projects in biotechnology, biology and chemistry for third-year upper secondary school pupils.

The aims and objectives of the visitor’s service are to create an interest in science in general, at the same time as boosting familiarity with science, particularly among the younger population. If you would like to visit more of the departments at Science and Technology, the faculty would be pleased to organise a joint event. You can find more information (in Danish only) at the joint webpage for the visitor’s service at Science and Technology.