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Thu 09 Nov
10:30-12:30 | To be announced, Flakkebjerg
Departmental meeting for staff and students - MBG Flakkebjerg
Wed 08 Nov
14:15-15:00 | Science Park (3130-303)
Brian Clark Biotech Lecture: Søren Jensby Nielsen, Nuevolution
Wed 08 Nov
13:00-15:00 | Meeting room 2, AU Foulum, Blichers Allé 20, 8830 Tjele
PhD defence:Andrés Chana Muñoz:Origin and Diversification of Proteolytic Enzyme Systems in Chordates: A Comprehensive Analysis of Plasminogen Activation System Genes Among Chordates Species - Insights Into the Evolutionarily Development of Their Components
Andrés Chana Muñoz
Wed 08 Nov
10:15-12:00 | Søauditoriet, Jeppe Vontilius Aud.
Mini-seminar: ”Anti-viral defence at the brain border” & “Long-term effect of Influenza infection on lung immunity”
Wed 01 Nov
13:00-14:30 | The Lecture Hall, AU Flakkebjerg
Inaugural lectures: Professor Torben Asp and Professor Henrik Brinch-Pedersen
On 1 May 2017, Henrik Brinch-Pedersen and Torben Asp were appointed Professors with Special Responsibilities. On the occasion of the appointments, we are pleased to invite you for inaugural lectures on 1 November 2017 in the lecture hall at AU Flakkebjerg.
Wed 01 Nov
11:15-16:30 | iNANO auditorium
Opening ceremony of CELLPAT - Centre for Cellular Signal Patterns
Fri 27 Oct
13:00-15:00 | 3130-303, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Gustav Wieds Vej 10C,
Qualifying exam: Trine Amalie Fogh Gadeberg: Towards the Structure of Properdin Bound to the Complement Alternative Pathway Proconvertase
Trine Amalie Fogh Gadeberg
Fri 27 Oct
12:30-14:30 | Flakkebjerg, Aarhus University, Forsøgsvej 1, 4200 Slagelse
Qualifying exam: Giovanni Cagnano: Preventing Insect-induced Root Damages in Grasses by Epichloë Endophytes
Giovanni Cagnano
Fri 27 Oct
10:00-12:00 | 1182-101, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Ole Worms Allé 8
Qualifying exam: Niels Andersen: Synaptic Tagging and Capture in the Amygdala
Niels Andersen
Thu 26 Oct
13:15-14:00 | Tvilling Auditorium, Building 1324, Room 011
Kjeldgaard Lecture: Radu Aricescu: Structural Insights into GABAA Receptor Gating Mechanisms

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