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Mon 24 Jun
13:30-15:00 | Building 1122 (seminar room)
Master's degree defence: Louise Søgaard Petersen: The cellular checkpoint response generated upon a frequent replication problem
Supervisor: Lotte Bjergbæk
Mon 24 Jun
13:15-14:45 | Mathematic, Aud. D1
Master's thesis defence: Jens Bonne Rasmussen: LARP1 medieret stabilisering af TOP- og non-TOP mRNA'er
Supervisor: Christian Kroun Damgaard
Mon 24 Jun
13:00-14:30 | 1240-211 ("læsesalen", Bartholin building)
Master's thesis defence: Astrid Skipper Tørslev: Regulation of SOD3 on multiple levels: Analyses of expression, secretion and release from the cell surface
Supervisor: Steen Vang Petersen (Co-supervisor: Lisbeth Schmidt Laursen)
Mon 24 Jun
11:00-13:00 | Building 1532, room 116, Auditorium G1, Department of Mathematics
PhD defence: Fruit Fly Foraging Decisions – Towards an understanding of the genetic basis of food search behavior
Sophie Seidenbecher
Mon 24 Jun
11:00-12:30 | Building 1122 (seminar room)
Master's thesis defence: Sofie Svendsen: Repair of Top1-generated damage - The involvement of Slx8 and Wss1
Supervisor: Lotte Bjergbæk
Mon 24 Jun
10:00-11:30 | Building 1540, room 16
Master's thesis defence: Sofie Vangkilde: Comparative genomics of bacterial symbionts extracted from the social spider Stegodyphus dumicola
Supervisor: Thomas Boesen (Co-supervisor Andreas Schramm)
Mon 24 Jun
09:15-10:00 | Conference room, 3130-303
MBG Focus Talk: Snehlata Kumari: Necroptotic and apoptotic signaling pathways in regulating skin homeostasis
Fri 21 Jun
13:15-15:15 | 1531-113 Aud-D1, Department of Mathematics
Qualifying exam: Delineating Functions of Abundant Circular RNAs in Human Bladder Cancer Cells
Andreas Bjerregaard Kamstrup
Fri 21 Jun
11:15-12:45 | Meeting room 5, 3140-116
Master's thesis defence: Helena Mary Doherty-Bock: Autoinhibition af Drs2p/Cdc50p
Supervisor: Poul Nissen
Fri 21 Jun
10:15-11:45 | Conference room 3130-303
Master's thesis defence: Thea Lykkegaard Møller: Characterization of the sequential plasmin-mediated fragmentation of bovine beta-casein and derived effects on iron uptake in cultured intestinal cells - Development of a chromogenic-based ir
Supervisor: Jan Trige Rasmussen

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