Application form guide

Curriculum vitae for applications for Scientific positions

Portfolio of Teaching Experience

Portfolio of Teaching Experience for Applications to Positions in the Faculty of Science

The following items should be included in a portfolio that details previous teaching experience:

Description of pedagogically significant activities

  1. Courses taught, subject matter and level

  2. Examinations

  3. Theses supervised

  4. Contributions to the development of fields of study, courses or subjects

  5. Contributions to textbooks and other subject matter-related teaching materials

  6. University-level pedagogic activities (lectures, documents, etc.)

  7. Collaborative activities (team teaching, colleague-to-colleague supervision, mentoring, etc.)

  8. Study management and development, such as involvement in continuing education programs, external mentoring, etc.

  9. Other tutoring and university-level teaching activities



  1. Student evaluations from at least 2 courses

  2. Statements from department heads, course managers and other supervisory staff regarding  development of pedagogical skills, experience and accomplishments

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