MBG – an important part of your career!

At department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG), we can offer a stimulating, international research environment, covering a broad aspect of research areas.

The Danish funding landscape provides several opportunities to early-career researchers, as both public and private funding bodies offer attractive, but very competitive, career grants. If you have the excellent research idea, we can offer support at all levels of your application, including feedback from senior faculty on you project idea/application, preparation of budget, and interview training. We rely on the Aarhus University research support office, which have extensive experience in both national and international grant applications, including ERC.

Are you considering making our department a part of your future career? Please contact head of department, Erik Østergaard Jensen and have a look at the funding possibilities below.


Funding body


Target group


Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF)

Sapere Aude – DFF-Starting Grant

Younger, very talented researchers with maximum 8 years of research experience since completion of their PhD.



Young investigator program

Talented researchers in technical and natural sciences with 3-7 years of research experience since completion of their PhD.



Novo Nordisk Fonden

Hallas-Møller Emerging Investigator

Early career principal investigators within the fields of bioscience and basic biomedicine with approximately 4-8 years of research experience since completion of their PhD.



Novo Nordisk Fonden

Hallas-Møller Ascending Investigator

Younger to middle-aged associate professors within the fields of bioscience and basic biomedicine with approximately 7-15 years of research experience since completion of their PhD.



Novo Nordisk Fonden

NNF young investigator award

Outstanding younger scientists who move to Denmark to expand their groundbreaking research programs. Principal investigator with an independent research group that s/he has directed for less than 7 years in total.



Novo Nordisk Fonden

Excellence Project for Young Researchers within Endocrinology and Metabolism – Nordic Region

Young researchers doing excellent research projects within the fields of basic, translational and/or clinical endocrinology or metabolism research. Applicants must have completed their PhD within the past seven years.





Outstanding and promising young researchers who, with a visionary research proposal, are seeking to establish or expand their own research groups at a Danish research institution. Applicants must have between 4 and 8 years of research experience since completion of their PhD.



Lundbeckfonden Ascending Experienced researchers with established own research field (within biomedicine) and demonstrated ability to conduct original research at a high international level. No more than 15 years of research experience since completion of PhD.     https://www.lundbeckfonden.com/en/grants/for-applicants/what-you-can-apply-for/

Moving to Denmark

Aarhus University Relocation Service provides extensive support before during and after your move to Denmark. The service includes support regarding housing, healthcare, tax, insurance etc.

In addition, the Expat Partner Program provides career counselling, coaching and cultural training for your accompanying partner/spouse.

Please follow the link to further information http://ias.au.dk/au-relocation-service/