Ulf Andersson Ørom

Ulf Andersson Vang Ørom

Associate professorDepartment of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Gene Expression and Gene Medicine

Long non-coding RNA

The work is focused on RNA-protein interactions to elucidate function of miRNAs and long non-coding RNA.

The lab is working on the molecular mechanisms of long ncRNAs in activating transcription. In the lab, within the research program long ncRNAs as activators of transcription, we are addressing the systematic discovery of activating long ncRNAs. The published studies of the laboratory have so far discovered that a long ncRNA expressed along with the RB1 tumor suppressor can regulate the transcription of Calreticulin, another tumor suppressor involved in immunogenic cell death (Musahl, 2015).

This study links long ncRNAs to a network of tumor suppressors, and shows how promoter mutations can affect multiple genes through common regulation. We have used a recently developed enhancer-prediction algorithm to show that tissue specific enhancers often express long ncRNAs and are associated with a specific epigenetic signature (Vucicevic, 2015), results that we are using in our further studies of the function of long ncRNAs expressed from enhancers.

Additionally, we have developed the first method to directly study the processing of long ncRNAs working as primary miRNA transcripts in vivo based on RNA-sequencing (Conrad, 2014).