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Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics (QGG) is an international research center with more than 70 employees and visitors from more than 20 nations world wide.

AT QGG we do basic and applied research within quantitative genetics and genomics. We particularly work with the development of statistical models to be used in animal and plant breeding, studies of the genetic basis for different traits and diseases, and management of genetic resources. Our main focus is animals and plants, but we are increasingly working with human genetics and model organisms. Our research is characterised by a very close collaboration with researchers and industry partners all over the world.

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2018.08.08 | Research

Assessment of breeding for number of living piglets day 5

As part of the agreement on research-based public sector consultancy, researchers from QGG have assessed the breeding initiatives that are to improve the survival rate of Danish piglets (article in Danish).

Photo: Pixabay.com

2018.03.01 | Research

New research project aims to boost the production of young sows for organic breeding

The PorganiX project will create the first, organic, core livestock of young sows, genetically selected for organic breeding goals, to produce more robust, organic pigs. The outcome of the pioneer project will be an overall lift of the organic, pig producing sector, in Denmark and internationally.

Photo: Pixabay.com

2018.02.15 | Research

New QGG research focuses on better animal welfare for dairy cattle

Researchers at the Centre for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics, Department for Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, have located DNA variants that can lead to better udder health and animal welfare for dairy cattle.

Photo: Maiken Kestner

2018.01.29 | Awards

Innovation Fund Denmark's Grand Solutions 2018 awarded to researchers at QGG

At a grand event on Friday, 26 January, the Innovation Fund Denmark awarded several top scientists for their outstanding results. The most prestigious prize was awarded to researchers from QGG for their research on cows' emission of methane and the breeding of more climate friendly cows.


Mon 27 Aug
08:01-16:00 | Dubrovnik, Croatia
69th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science
The meeting will be held in the Valamar Resort in Dubrovnik, one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.
Wed 29 Aug
08:00-16:00 | Odense, Denmark
ELIXIR Denmark - 4th Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference 2018
Tue 27 Nov
08:00-16:00 | Hotel og Konferencecenter Legoland, Billund
6th Annual GenSAP meeting
The 6th and final annual meeting in Center for Genomic Selection in ANimals and Plants will take place at Hotel and Konference Center Legoland in Billund. More information will follow.
Sun 03 Jul
08:00-16:00 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The next World Congress of Genetics Applied to Livestock Production will be held from 3 to 8 July 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.