New visiting PhD student at QGG: Portrait

Meet Zhe Zhang, who is visiting PhD student from China. He will be collaborating with senior researcher Guosheng Su the coming year.

2017.09.04 | Jette Odgaard Villemoes

What is your area of research and what will you be doing at QGG?

My research area is statistical genomics and bioinfomatics. I will work on GxE interaction research of cattle data supervised by Guosheng Su and Mogens Sandø Lund during my year at QGG. 

Where have you worked before? 

I used to work at Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a PhD student.    

Please tell us a bit about yourself, your family and where you come from. Do you have a hobby? 

I come from the eastern part of China and I like all kinds of sports, especially soccer.  

Why did you choose to come to Denmark and work at QGG? 

I will say that I am influenced more or less by one of my teachers in China, Peipe Ma, who worked in QGG for many years. Also, QGG is famous for its statistical genomics, which is what I really want to work on in the future after I return to China. Thus, I hope I can learn more during this short one-year time.

View Zhe Zhangs profile here.

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