PhD defences

Popular description of the PhD students' research in connection with the defence of the PhD dissertation

Huijun Liu

2018.09.27 |

Huijun Liu: What is the role of rhizobial glycans and ethylene in rhizobia-legume symbiosis?

PhD defence, Thursday 27 September 2018. Huijun Liu.

[Translate to English:] Rasmus Kock Flygaard

2018.09.21 |

Rasmus Kock Flygaard: Regulation of protein synthesis – mechanisms essential to bacterial as well as human life

PhD defence, Friday 21 September 2018, Rasmus Kock Flygaard.

Sofie H. Lautrup

2018.09.18 |

Sofie H. Lautrup: Is genomic maintenance involved in the cognitive decline observed during aging?

PhD defence, 18 September 2018, Sofie H. Lautrup.

Anja E. Pen

2018.09.14 |

Anja E. Pen: Gene Modification in Honeybee and Pig

PhD defense, Friday 14 September 2018, Anja E. Pen.

Cagla Sahin

2018.06.27 |

Cagla Sahin: Self-assembly of proteins – what causes Parkinson's Disease?

PhD defence, Wednesday 27 June 2018, Cagla Sahin.

Jakob Ulstrup

2018.06.15 |

Jakob Ulstrup: Flippin' Lipids - A Study of P4-ATPases

PhD defence, Friday 15 June 2018, Jakob Jensen Ulstrup.

Cecilie Kirkeby Skeby

2018.06.13 |

Cecilie Kirkeby Skeby: Understanding Diabetes Mellitus through circular RNAs

PhD defence, Wednesday 13 June 2018, Cecilie Kirkeby Skeby.

Ewa Molska

2018.04.10 |

Ewa Molska: Diverse RNA classes use common maturation pathways

PhD defense, Tuesday 10 April 2018 Ewa Molska

Nadia Sukusu Nielsen

2018.04.04 |

Nadia Sukusu Nielsen: Investigation of the Disease Mechanisms of TGFBI-linked Corneal Dystrophies

PhD defence, Wednesday 4 April 2018, Nadia Sukusu Nielsen.

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