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PhD conference

  • 28-29 October 2016

The conference is an initiative spawn amongst the PhD students towards bringing together the PhD students of the entire Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. We believe that it will be beneficial, both for your scientific work, academic education and future career to have a strong co-PhD student network locally. Through the conference, we therefore hope to give you the opportunity to become better acquainted with your colleague PhD’s research and provide you with an opportunity to strengthen your network.
The conference will consist of both talks from invited speakers, poster sessions for part-A students and short-talk sessions for part-B students. This means that

  • all part-A students must bring a poster presenting their work (A1-A0 in size), and

  • all Part-B students must prepare a short presentation (15 minutes) for the part-B talk session

which will be a great opportunity to present your work.

Finally, we will host an alumne-café at the conference, where the PhD students can meet PhDs graduated from MBG and get a notion about the life after PhD graduation.

Participants in the PhD conference earn 2 ECTS points.

The conference is scheduled for Friday 28 October and Saturday 29 October 2016.

It will be held at Himmerland Golf and Spa Resort (details of transport and program will follow). Participation is free of charge.

The conference is mandatory for all PhD students at the Department. Therefore, if you are not able to attend, you will have to inform Line Dvinge by email ldvinge@mbg.au.dk and describe the reason for you absence.

Programme for the PhD conference (PDF-file)


Friday 28 October 2016


Aarhus the Science Park, Main entrance, Gustav Wieds Vej 10A, breakfast and transportation - bus leaves MBG Campus at 8:00 sharp!

Foulum, breakfast and transportation - bus leaves from Foulum at 9.30
10:00Arrival at Himmerland Golf and Spa Resort
10:30-10:45Welcome by Erik Østergaard Jensen
10:45-11:30Lecture by Bernt Guldbrantsen
12:30-13:30Poster session 1
13:30-14:15Lecture by Camilla Lund Nikolaisen (Chr. Hansen)
14:30-15:00Information from the PhD Association


Part B talks, 1st session
17:00-18:30Alumni panel

Saturday 29 October 2016

09:00-10:00Career opportunity talk by Vibeke Bro
10:00-10:45Lecture by Roy Weber
11:00-12:00Poster session 2
13:00-13:45Lecture by Jens Stougaard
14:00-16:30Part B talks, 2nd session
16:30-17:15Lecture by Christian Damgaard
17:15-17:30Department info by Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer
17:30Concluding remarks
18:00Formal dinner

*Transportation from Flakkebjerg is arranged separately.


The team behind planning the conference consists of PhD students from the Department:

Emil Laust Kristoffersen
Helene Halkjær Jensen
Rasmus Kock Flygaard
Sofie Hindkjær Lautrup
Mette Ozol
Milena Laban
Anne Louise Hemdrup
Henriette Kristina Søster Frislev
Sophie Seidenbecher
Evdoxia Karadoulama
Oskar Franch