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fre 29 jan
11:00-13:00 | Building 1540, room 116
MSc exam ("specialeforsvar"): Signe Brokjær Nielsen: Cable Bacteria and Microbial Communities in Marine and Freshwater Sediments
Supervisor: Thomas Boesen
tor 28 jan
11:00-13:00 | The Lakeside Lecture Theaters Jeppe Vontillius Auditorium 1252-310
Qualifying exam: Jean-Baptiste Lopez: Roles of Fungal effectors in the interaction between Ramularia collo-cygni and Barley
tir 26 jan
14:15-15:00 | BiRC, C. F. Møller’s Allé 8, Building 1110-223
BiRC seminar: Magnus Nordborg: Epigenetic variation in Arabidopsis
tir 26 jan
13:00-15:00 | Fysiologi Auditorium A 1162-013
MSc exam ("Specialeforsvar"): Louise Schneider Mogensen: Mutagenesis Studies of a Putative Peripheral Pathway for Phospholipid Transport by the Flippase ATP8A2
Supervisor: Torben Ellebæk Petersen
tor 21 jan
13:00-15:00 | 1590-213, the iNANO House, Gustav Wieds Vej 14
Qualifying exam: Jannik Nedergaard Pedersen: Vitamin D fortification with enhanced bioavailability
tor 21 jan
12:30-14:30 | The old canteen in pavilion 1 at Gustav Wieds Vej 10 in the Science Park (building 3140)
Project day for students in Molecular Medicine
man 18 jan
13:15-15:15 | Building 1523, room 318, Physics
PhD defence: Kehan Xu: Structural studies on the bacterial toxin-antitoxin system exploring the catalytic mechanism of the VapC toxin and the auto-regulation of the VapBC TA system
man 18 jan
10:15-11:00 | Aud. D2, Dept. of Mathematics
MBG Focus Talk: Maria Selmer: Functional and structural innovations in the real-time evolution of TrpF activity in HisA
fre 15 jan
15:00-15:45 | Science Park, Conference Room (3130-303)
MBG Focus Talk: Tristan Croll: iMDFF: A physically realistic environment for biomolecular model building
ons 13 jan
11:00-13:00 | "Læsesalen", Bartholin building
MSc exam ("specialeforsvar"): Helle Foverskov Rasmussen: Isolation and Characterization of β-amyloid Subspecies by Size Exclusin Chromatpgraphy. Attempts at Creating a Reproducible Method and Pilot Studies of Physiological Effects.

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