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tor 18 okt
13:15-14:00 | 1593-012, iNANO
Cancelled! Kjeldgaard Lecture: Andrew Huberman (Stanford School of Medicine, USA): Neural circuits that determine behavioral responses to visual threat
ons 10 okt
09:15-10:00 | Dept. of Mathematics, Aud. D1 (1531-113)
MBG Focus Talk: Connor Bamford: Evolution of Interferon Lambda 4 and its Impact on Human Health and Disease
fre 05 okt
14:00-14:30 | MBG conference room (3130-303)
MBG Focus talk: Jan Driller: Shedding light on the architecture of the Drosophila active zone
fre 05 okt
13:15-15:15 | Bygning 1593, lokale 012, iNANO Auditorium, iNANO House
Ph.d.-forsvar: Cemre Manav: At leve eller ikke at leve: Bakterielle overlevelses mekanismer
fre 05 okt
13:00-13:30 | MBG conference room (3130-303)
MBG Focus Talk: Ronja Driller: Bridging the gap between chemistry and biotechnology: The bacterial diterpene synthase CotB2
fre 05 okt
10:15-11:00 | iNANO AUD (1593-012)
Distinguished iNANO Lecture: Jay T. Groves: Biochemical signaling on membrane surfaces: the roles of space, force, and time
tor 04 okt
15:15-16:00 | Science Park Conference Room (3130-303)
MBG Focus Talk: Abel Garcia-Pino: Protein intrinsic disordered and the regulation of transcription of TA operons
tor 04 okt
13:15-14:00 | 1593-012, iNANO
Kjeldgaard Lecture: Gunther Döhlemann (University of Cologne, Germany): Virulence strategies of fungal biotrophs: lessons from the Ustilago maydis - maize model system
ons 03 okt
12:00-13:00 | Lille Anatomisk aud., bygn. 1231, room424
Biomedicine seminar: Thomas Vorup-Jensen: The Structural Immunology of Complement Receptors 3 & 4, and why you can’t live without it
ons 03 okt
10:00-11:00 | Auditoriet, Flakkebjerg
Medarbejdermøde - MBG-Flakkebjerg

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