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Infection and immunity seminar: Anne Puel: Understanding immunity to pathogens through immunological and genetic studies of patients with immunodeficiencies

27.04.2016 | Lisbeth Heilesen

Dato tor 28 apr
Tid 11:15 12:00
Sted Eduard Biermann Auditorium, the Lakeside Lecture Theatres


Professor  Anne Puel, Génétique Humaine des Maladies Infectieuses, Université Paris Descartes-Sorbonne, Paris Cité, Institut Imagine   


In this seminar Anne Puel will give an overview of how immunological and genetic analysis of patients with severe infectious phenotypes has emerged as a powerful tool to identify novel immunodeficiencies. Anne Puel has been a pioneer in this research field and has made several seminal discoveries. This includes identification of the genetic and immunological basis of primary immunodeficiencies in patients with viral, mycobacterial, and fungal infections, elucidating aspects of macrophage function, IL-12/IFNg signaling and function, and Th17 immunology.