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Infection and Immunity seminar: Peter Stäheli: Interferon-λ and mucosal immunity

13.04.2018 | Lisbeth Heilesen

Dato man 16 apr
Tid 11:15 12:00
Sted Conference room, Science Park (3130-303)

The next Speaker in “Infection and Immunity” is Professor Peter Stäheli from Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Department für Medizinische Mikrobiologie & Hygiene, Institut für Virologie.

Peter will give an exciting talk focusing upon the role of Interferon-λ in mucosal immunity, in particular the role that Interferon-λ plays during Influenza virus infections. The talk will contain large amount of unpublished data describing how Interferon-λ plays a key role in both restricting the transmission of Influenza virus and in establishing an efficient antibody response to Influenza.

See you all there

Rune Hartmann/Søren Paludan