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Infection and immunity seminar: Professor Jürgen Ruland: Immune Receptor Signals in Host Defense and Oncogenesis

17.06.2016 | Lisbeth Heilesen

Dato man 20 jun
Tid 11:15 12:00
Sted Eduard Biermann Auditoriet (1252-204), Lakeside Lecture Theatre

Professor Jürgen Ruland from The Technical University of Munich


Prof. Ruland concentrates his research on signaling processes in the immune system, both normal and when deregulated due to disease. Along with his research group, he is investigating how normal immune cells recognize pathogens and by what mechanisms this recognition initiates immune defense activation. The group is also examining how pathologically deregulated signals in blood cells lead to malignant transformation and thus to the development of leukemia or lymphoma. The aim is to provide a basis for therapeutic manipulation of the immune system.