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Industrial collaboration

For many years, several researchers at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics have been collaborating with the industrial community on various research projects - partly by establishing a specific research collaboration and partly by recruiting an industrial PhD student. Some of these projects can be seen below. Here you can also get good advice if you as a company wish to collaborate with one or more of the department's research groups.

Industrial PhD

An Industrial PhD is a three-year business-oriented research project and a PhD education, conducted in collaboration between a company, an Industrial PhD candidate and a university.  If you employ your student as an industrial PhD, an application for support for the project will be submitted to Innovation Fund Denmark, and the student will have salaried employment at your company throughout the entire industrial PhD project. 

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Examples of collaboration with industry

The atomic structure of C5 (blue) bound to the C5-binding part of eculizumab (yellow) shows how eculizumab blocks the cleavage of C5 in blood circulation. This rescues the red blood cells (red disks) from disruption. In real life the proteins are 500 times smaller than the red blood cells. Figure: Janus Asbjørn Schatz-Jakobsen.

2016.06.03 | Research, Knowledge exchange

The therapeutic antibody eculizumab caught in action

In collaboration with Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., scientists from Aarhus University have used X-rays to understand how the therapeutic antibody eculizumab prevents our immune system from destroying red blood cells and damaging kidney tissue.

2015.11.03 | Research, Knowledge exchange

Breeding confident mink has side benefits

When you select for confident mink in the breeding programme, you also get a better fur quality according to a study from Aarhus University. The study also shows that behaviour has a higher heritability than previously thought.

To the left, an illustration of the principle behind Spiegelmers. Normal aptamers are formed from D-nucleotides also used for RNA and DNA, whereas the Spiegelmers are constructed from L-nucleotides. The two molecules are therefore perfect mirror-images of each other. To the right is shown the three-dimensional structure of the Spiegelmer from the German company NOXXON Pharma AG bound to the inflammatory protein C5a determined by the scientists at Aarhus University through X-ray crystallography. Figure: Laure Yatime.

2015.05.05 | Research, Knowledge exchange

Aarhus scientists look through the mirror to reveal the secrets of a new drug

Research results from Aarhus University can help develop anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Contact at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Chairman of the Committee for industrial collaboration

Finn Skou Pedersen

Professor Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Gene Expression and Gene Medicine

Contact person regarding industrial collaboration with students

Michael Etzerodt

Associate professor Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Protein science