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2018.11.29 | Lisbeth Heilesen

Date Wed 05 Dec
Time 16:00 18:00
Location Ole Worms Alle 3, bygning 1170 lokale 347, Institut for Biomedicin Vest

This is our fourth and final CRISPR 'n’ Cake talk of the year. With more cake, more 3D models and more TALKs about CRISPR than ever before. And beer supplied by Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri!

Associate Professors Rasmus O. Bak and Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer will each give roughly 20 minute talks on their current research. This is followed by a panel discussion with both researchers and Associate Professor Morten Dige on the ethical implications in CRISPR technology development: be it in the hands of academic researchers, for profit companies or the general public. Remember to press “attend” on the event so we can have enough cake, beer/soft drinks, and 3D-printed models for you.

PLEASE NOTE, that the lecture will be in English and the location this time is building 1170, room 347 (Biokemi 6), Aarhus University. The address is Ole Worms Allé 3.

The program: 16.00-16.10: Doors open, come get some cake, beer, soft drink and a 3D model of Cas13a. 16.10-16.15: Welcome.

16.15-16.35: Presentation by Rasmus Bak.


16.45-17.05: Presentation by Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer. Break.

17.15-18.00: Panel discussion with Morten Dige, Rasmus Bak and Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer. Rasmus Bak will kick the event off by introducing his current research on applying CRISPR/Cas9 for gene editing of primary cells. He has developed chemically modified guide RNAs and shown that these can facilitate high efficiency of genome editing in hematopoietic cells. This method proved to be a potent CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editing strategy for correcting sickle cell disease-causing alleles. Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer is a molecular embryologist currently working on various aspects of developmental biology using mice as a model organism. He heads the core facility for the generation of genetically modified mice at Aarhus University and is active in the area of responsible and ethical use of genome editing techniques. He will give a talk about the current attempts to use CRISPR/Cas9 for genome editing in the human germ line and the ethical implications.

At the previous CRISPR n’ Cake talks, the audience showed great curiosity about the ethical implications arising from the rapidly developing CRISPR technology. This is why we have asked Morten Dige to join Rasmus Bak and Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer for a panel discussion on these matters. Some of the questions we will seek to answer are:

- What are the clinical potential and pitfalls of gene editing technologies?
- How is CRISPR technology viewed in the eyes of researchers compared to the public?
- Whether we should strive to eradicate genetic diseases by CRISPR and, if so, where will this lead us?

Morten Dige is an associate professor in Philosophy at the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University. He is interested in applied bio-ethics and has written a book called “Det gen-skabte menneske”, in which he explores the possible outcomes and implications of genetic engineering of humans from a philosophical and ethical perspective.

We hope to see a lot of you from last time and also a lot of new faces!

CRISPR n’ Cake is organized by BioBarakken. We are an organization who works to democratize biotechnology to all interested but also make it possible for dedicated people in the field to try out different stuff in our laboratory.