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The dean holds a meeting with employees at MBG

2020.08.28 | Lisbeth Heilesen

Date Wed 16 Sep
Time 14:00 14:45
Location 1534-125 (Aud. F), Matematics

Dear employees

After a spring and a summer where the corona restrictions have led to major changes in our everyday lives, I am happy to finally be able to visit the departments at our faculty and meet all of you employees.

At the meeting, I will present myself and my ambitions for the new Faculty of Natural Sciences. I look forward to meeting you and to hearing your thoughts and ideas as well.

During the autumn, we at the entire faculty will focus on defining our faculty's DNA and the faculty's common goals for the coming years.

I look forward to thinking big together and to incorporating your thoughts, ideas and aspirations into this work.

I look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes

Kristian Pedersen
Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences