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Large attendance at workshop on the study environment


The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics had large attendance at their workshop on the study environment. Photo: Christian Haaber Andersen and Palle Nowack. Click photo for larger version.

On Friday 27 January 2012, the Mathematics Canteen was buzzing with lively discussions when – despite the excitement of Denmark playing in the handball semi-finals – more than 100 students and lecturers at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics met to discuss how the study environment at the department can be improved.


The participants were guided through a strategic process in which everyone worked actively and enthusiastically to hatch ideas that can improve the learning environment and social life at the department. The work took place in a really good atmosphere and produced a considerable number of concrete proposals for new initiatives at the department. The day ended with an entertaining Friday’s bar.

Launching new initiatives

The Education Committee at the department expects to launch new initiatives based on a number of the ideas that emerged during the event.

The workshop was organised jointly by the Centre for Science Education (CSE), the Education Committee at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, and MoGenS (the Molecular Biology and Genetics Student Council).

The event was part of the follow-up of the survey of the study environment.

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