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Young elite researcher prize awarded to Maria Andreasen

The Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences (FNU) has awarded Maria Andreasen a prestigious Sapere Aude Young Elite Researcher Prize for her research project entitled: “Caught in the act – Identifying primary nucleation events for fibrillating proteins.”

2013.01.15 | Kaj Mikael Jensen

Maria Andreasen (photo: Lisbeth Heilesen)

The project is based on newly developed techniques which until now have been in limited use within the field of protein biophysics. This allows for examination of the protein fibrillation process in an unprecedented way while at the same time opening up to some natural challenges in the process of experimental design. In the long term perspective the project will give new insights into how the initial interactions between proteins in the process of protein fibrillation are formed.

“I have been working with protein biophysics since my 8th semester project at Aalborg University and my interest in protein biophysics has only been further strengthened after both an internship at Wyeth (now Pheizer) in New Jersey, USA and after doing a Ph.D. with in the field in Prof. Daniel Otzen's group (iNANO and Dep. of Molecular Biology and Genetics). Being a part of the Sapere Aude program will further kick-start my future career as I have been given an opportunity to expand my existing project and thereby acquire skills in advanced and newly developed techniques. The mixture of techniques that I will combine in my project is quite unique which will give me a strong position to further develop my career. Furthermore the project will give me plenty of opportunity to enhance my networking activities as I will be working with yet another group headed by a young professor at Cambridge University,” says Maria Andreasen.

“I have had the pleasure of supervising and mentoring Maria since her early days as a so-called elite student at Aalborg University. Maria has really developed into an independent scientist who carries out science with an attitude of constructive skepticism. She richly deserves this distinction which will undoubtedly stimulate her scientific enthusiasm even more,” says Prof. Daniel Otzen

Maria Andreasen will start the project 1 March 2013 and it will be carried out at Cambridge University.

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