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A detailed picture of the enemy has been drawn
Professor Daniel Otzen. Photo: Peter F. Gammelby
An oligomer -the figures indicate the size in nanometres, i.e. in billionths of a metre

2014.04.28 | Public / media, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Know your enemy!

Researchers at Aarhus University have drawn up the most detailed ‘image of the enemy’ to date of one of the body’s most important players in the development of Parkinson’s disease. This provides much greater understanding of the battle taking place when the disease occurs – knowledge that is necessary if we are to understand and treat…

The discovery of Factor XIII's many roles was done by a research team from Aarhus University's Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Protein Science. From left: PhD student Ebbe Toftgaard Poulsen, PhD student Camilla Lund Nikolajsen, Postdoc Carsten Scavenius, Professor Jan J. Enghild and PostdocThomas F. Dyrlund. Photo: Lisbeth Heilesen
A lump of coagulated blood. On the scanned electronmicroscopy, red blood cells are shown (and one white) spun into a network of fibrin. The image is computer-coloured in red and yellow. Photo: David Gregory & Debbie Marshall, Wellcome Images (license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/).

2014.04.24 | Public / media, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Researchers study the secrets of blood

The factors controlling blood coagulation have been known for a long time. New research shows that the last factor – Factor XIII, which stabilises the healing process – plays a much more complicated role than previously thought.