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Nuclear mRNA with a poly(A) tail is normally bound by Nab2, exported to the cytoplasm for translation into proteins and finally turned-over as shown on the left. In the absence of Nab2, the RNA is unprotected and degraded already in the nucleus by exoribonucleases Rrp6 and Dis3. Figure: Manfred Schmid.

2015.06.26 | Research

Surprising new mechanism for gene expression regulation

A new important role for a protein connected to the proper function of neurons has been discovered by a research group from MBG, Aarhus University. The studies shed new light on gene expression regulation and may ultimately lead to an understanding of how neurological defects occur when this protein is mutated.

The figure shows nodules colonised by the symbiont (in green) and by the endophyte (red). Both symbionts and endophytes get access into the nodule via infection threads induced by the symbiont. The endophyte colonises efficiently intra and intercellular spaces of the nodule.

2015.06.22 | Research

Legumes control infection of nodules by both symbiotic and endophytic bacteria

New research results show that legume plants selectively regulate access and accommodation of both symbiotic and endophytic bacteria inside root nodule. This provides a solid basis and platform for identification and selection of beneficial endophytic bacteria and highly efficient nitrogen-fixing rhizobia to be used as biofertilisers in…

Bjørn Panyella Pedersen (Photo: Lisbeth Heilesen)
Four recipients of ST Awards 2015 together with the dean. Pictured from left are Peter Frank Tehrani (ST Education Award 2015), Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen, Inga Jensen Mumm (ST TAP Award 2015), Esben Auken (ST Industrial Collaboration Award 2015) and Bjørn Panyella Pedersen (ST Science Award 2015). Mie Birkbak (ST Talent Award 2015) was on a research period abroad. (Photo: Peter Gammelby, ST Communication).

2015.06.22 | Awards

Bjørn Panyella Pedersen receives ST Science Award 2015

Every year in June, ST selects six people to receive an award in recognition of their great efforts – generally and during the year that has passed – and Bjørn Panyella Pedersen from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics receives ST Science Award.

2015.06.10 | Grant

Nine researchers from MBG receive grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research

Rune Hartmann, Gregers Rom Andersen, Claus Oxvig, Daniel Otzen, Lene Niemann Nejsum, Esben Skipper Sørensen, Jørgen Kjems and Ebbe Sloth Andersen have all received a large grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research.

The image shows which parts of the GlpG protein are the first to fold in the transition state (TS). The greener it is, the more coloured it gets. White shows that there is no structure in the TS, while red shows that this part of the protein has ‘overfolded’. Left: the actual 3D structure of the protein. Right: here the individual amino acid residues are shown in a model overview of the protein, where all 6 transmembrane helices (TM1–6) are visible, as well as the two helices (H1–2) and the loop, which is sticking out of the cell membrane.

2015.06.09 | Research

All folding is good when it gets off to a good start

Aarhus researchers are behind the most detailed description of how membrane protein folds. This provides new knowledge about the wonderful world of membrane proteins.

The research team behind the research that led to the ”Early Career Grant” from DuPont to Bjørn Panyella Pedersen. From left: Line Lindgreen Eriksen, Bjørn Panyella Pedersen and Peter Aasted Paulsen. (Photo: Lisbeth Heilesen).

2015.06.09 | Grant

Bjørn Panyella Pedersen awarded DuPont Early Career Grant

Assistant Professor Bjørn Panyella Pedersen, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Aarhus University, has been awarded the highly prestigious "Early Career Grant" from DuPont.

2015.06.03 | Grant

Collaborative research will contribute to improved vitamin B12 uptake

In an interdisciplinary collaboration involving basic biological research and clinical trials, Danish and Indian researchers seek an explanation of why vitamin B12 absorbed more efficiently from milk compared with equivalent amounts of B12 in other food. In collaboration with Arla Foods Ingredients Group P / S and the NGO The Global Alliance for…

Erik Østergaard Jensen

2015.06.02 | People

Erik Østergaard Jensen continues as Head of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Erik Østergaard Jensen (58) has been appointed to another term as Head of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, which is one of the largest at Aarhus University with some 600 students at different levels and 315 employees.

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Sadegh Nabavi (Photo: Private)
Mark Denham (Photo: Private)
Anne von Philipsborn (Photo: Lisbeth Heilesen)
Duda Kvitsiani (Photo: DANDRITE)
Keisuke Yonehara (Photo: DANDRITE)

2015.06.02 | People

Top team of group leaders now complete at DANDRITE

DANDRITE’s aim of appointing five top researchers as group leaders has just become a reality with the appointment of Dr Sadegh Nabavi, whose research includes how memory is formed, how it can be erased, and how it can subsequently be restored.