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Danish researchers will target their breeding programmes with rainbow trout to include adaptations to different production environments worldwide by the use of genomic selection. Photo: Kristian Meier.

2016.10.28 | Grant, Knowledge exchange

Rainbow trout breeding will be targeted different production environments in the world

With the use of genomic selection, Danish researchers will target their breeding of rainbow trout towards adaptations to different production environments worldwide. This could pave the way for an even larger export of eggs from rainbow trout.

Researchers from Aarhus University in front of the advanced electron microscope in Aarhus. From left: Thomas Boesen, Gregers Rom Andersen and Poul Nissen, all from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. Photo: Lisbeth Heilesen

2016.10.19 | Grant

New initiative will promote brain research in Denmark

Five of Denmark’s leading researchers on structural biology will collaborate on a project to gain insight into the brain’s functions and diseases. The initiative is called BRAINSTRUC and funded by Lundbeckfonden with up to DKK 60 million over a five-year period.

A research team intends to optimise grass species that will help to get cows to burp less – and thus reduce greenhouse gases – as well as increase the cows' milk production. Photo: Colourbox

2016.10.06 | Grant

Super grass to increase cow milk production and reduce methane emissions

A research team is working on optimising grass species that will reduce cow burps, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions – in addition to increasing cow milk production.