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Polarised human melanoma cells in suspension. The picture to the left shows a fluorescence microscopic image showing polar distribution of the protein ezrin (displayed in yellow), and the actin cytoskeleton (displayed in magenta). The cell nucleus is shown in cyan. The picture to the right shows a thin section transmission electron microscopy image revealing strong polar folding of the plasma membrane, which makes the pole "sticky" and enhances cell attachment. Figure: Anna Lorentzen.

2018.02.28 | Research

How polarisation helps tumour cells metastasise

An international research team identifies single-cell polarity as a feature of circulating tumour cells that helps cells to leave circulation and found metastases. The novel results provide a new potential target in the fight against metastatic cancer.

Researchers from Aarhus University have identified DNA variants that affect udder health in cows. Photo: Colourbox

2018.02.28 | Research

Data from milking can be used to promote cow health

Technology on the dairy farm can be used to improve the genetic evaluation of dairy cow milking traits and thus improve the animals’ health and welfare.

Kjeld A. Marcker. Photo: Anne Marcker

2018.02.26 | People

Professor Kjeld Marcker - one of the major pioneers of molecular biology – died

Together with Nobel Laureate Fred Sanger, Kjeld Marcker revealed that protein synthesis initiation was dependent on a completely different mechanism than expected, as all proteins were synthesised using a very special methionine initiator tRNA. Also, Kjeld Marcker's research group was the first to clone and determine the DNA sequence of the gene…

An international research team might have found a drug that can be used as treatment against Alzheimer’s disease. Figure: Yujun Hou, NIA, NIH.

2018.02.06 | Research

Nicotinamide Riboside – a new promising treatment against Alzheimer’s Disease

By treating different mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease with a precursor of NAD+, which is a central coenzyme in the metabolism of the cell, an international research team might have found a drug that can be used as treatment against Alzheimer’s disease. Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease mice improved their neuronal function, memory and learning…