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Rune Hartmann

2018.06.29 | People

New professor in innate immunology

Rune Hartmann is appointed professor of “Innate Immunology” at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Aarhus University, effective from 1 June 2018.

Fig. 1. RNA is composed of four bases (abbreviated A, U, G and C) and disseminates its message with a fairly simple code. Research in recent years has shown an unprecedented impact of RNA modifications at all steps of the maturation process (figure: Annita Louloupi and Evgenia Ntini).
Fig. 2. Newly made RNA consists of functional parts (exons) and non-functional parts (introns). Introns are excised in a process called splicing to yield a mature and functional RNA molecule composes entirely of exons. The RNA modification m6A can increase or inhibit this maturation process dependent of where m6A is deposited on newly made RNA (figure: Ulf Andersson Vang Ørom).

2018.06.20 | Research

Encrypted messages in biological processes

RNA modifications can encrypt the RNA code and are responsible for a very sophisticated control of RNA function. A Danish-German research team has shown that modified RNA bases have a great impact on the dynamics of gene expression from DNA to functional RNA. The study yields important new insight into how the basis of RNA modifications can affect…

Charlotte Rohde Knudsen (left) and Louise Dalskov

2018.06.04 | People

Award of the teaching prizes 2018

Charlotte Rohde Knudsen and Louise Marie Kragh Dalskov were awarded the prizes as teacher of the year and the student teacher of the year 2018, respectively, at the Annual Meeting and 50th Anniversary of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics on Friday 1 June 2018.