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2020.05.18 | Grant

Increased funding for research into the mechanisms of cholesterol uptake

With a grant of DKK 6,181,260 (USD 900,000) from the Independent Research Fund Denmark, Associate Professor Bjørn Panyella Pedersen can now increase his research efforts to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms behind cholesterol uptake.

2020.05.18 | Grant

More than DKK 23 million (USD 3.3 million) to researchers from MBG from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

The Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF) - Nature and Universe - grants DKK 23.4 million to seven researchers at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

“An intravital microscopy image depicting blood vessels, macrophages and nanoparticles. Interested in how they move in real-time? See the movie featured at the end of this article (image: Yuya Hayashi)
Zebrafish embryos as an emerging research model for in vivo imaging and screening of nanomaterials. Transgenic lines with a cell type-specific fluorescent protein reporter allow us to study the dynamic behaviour of e.g. macrophages and how injected nanomaterials are cleared from the bloodstream in a living organism. Transmission electron microscopy approaches can then complement the real-time observations by visualising those processes at the nanoscale. Both imaging approaches are available at Aarhus University. (Image: Yuya Hayashi. Adapted from Hayashi et al. (2020) ACS Nano. Copyright 2020 American Chemical Society)

2020.05.13 | Research

Zebrafish let you see the biological fate of nanoparticles in vivo

Ever wondered if you could see through the body of a living organism and observe the dynamic interplay between cells and nanoparticles injected into the bloodstream? This is now possible as the use of transgenic zebrafish embryos now offers a unique opportunity for intravital microscopy at imaging resolutions unrivalled by existing mammalian…

Thibaud Dieudonné awarded the PhD thesis prize 2020 from the French Biophysical Society (photo: Lisbeth Heilesen)

2020.05.07 | Awards

Thibaud Dieudonné awarded the PhD thesis prize 2020 from the French Biophysical Society

Thibaud Dieudonné, who is currently postdoc in Poul Nissen’s research group, was awarded the prize for his PhD thesis entitled “Functional and Structural characterization of lipid flippases: the yeast Drs2p/Cdc50p and the disease-related human ATP8B1/CDC50A complexes”.