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09:00_09:05 Welcome to the Annual Meeting 2010


Erik Østergaard Jensen
09:15-10:15 Scientific Session 1: From Molecules to Disease
Hanne Poulsen: “How the sodium pump can pump an uneven number of ions in and out”
Lasse Ebdrup Pedersen: “Roles of the type III Na+/Pico-transporters PiT1 and PiT2 and inorganic phosphate as a signalling molecule”
Maria D. Aamann: “Cockayne syndrome group B proteinpromotes mitochondrial DNA stability by supporting the DNA repair association with the mitochondrial membrane”
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:45 Scientific Session 2: Regulation through Nucleotide Interaction
Thomas Birkballe Hansen: “Discovery of Nuclear miRNADependent Gene Silencing Involving a Circular Antisense RNA”
Søren Kløverpris: “Selection and Characterization of Zinc Fingers for the Construction of Zinc Finger Nucleases”
Jeanette Brejning: “Characterization of Hydroxyurea Resistance and Aging in C. elegans”
11:45-12:00 Group photo of all staff and students
12:00-14:00 Lunch and poster session
14:00-14:15 Student awards for “Lecturer of the year” and “Student teacher of the year”
14:15-15:00 Plenary Lecture: Steen Rasmussen, SDU. “Towards a 2nd ‘Origin of Life’“
15:00-15:15 Coffee break
15:15-16:00 Perspective Lecture: Dan Christensen, RUC“Hans Christian Ørsted - Nature's Mind Reader”
18:30-02:00 Reception, dinner, and party in the Maths canteen
Group poster prize award