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PhD/Postdoc speakers

Photos from the revelation of speakers

Talks by PhD students and postdocs

Based on submitted abstracts, the following persons were chosen to give a talk at MBG's Annual Meeting:

Cody Geary
Section for Gene Medicine
A Single-Stranded Architecture for Cotranscriptional Folding of RNA Nanostructures
Postdoc with Ebbe Sloth Andersen på MBG/iNANO

Mikkel Søes Ibsen
Section for Structural Biology
The crystal structure of the antiviral OASL
PhD student with Rune Hartmann

Dugald Reid
Section for Plant Molecular Biology
Identification of cytokinin biosynthesis genes required for maintaining cytokinin homeostasis during nodule development in Lotus japonicas
Postdoc with Jens Stougaard

Jing Wang
Sections for Genome Expression, Stability and Technology and Gene Medicine
Retrovirus Detection by Rolling Circle Amplification of an Integrase Product
PhD student with Birgitta Knudsen/Finn Skou Pedersen

Astrid Bøgh Jensen
Section for Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology
Functional Analysis of Human Antithrombin Variants in Mice.
PhD student with Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer

Maria D. Aamann
Sections for Genome Expression, Stability and Technology
Extreme aging – caused by lack of functional Cockayne Syndrome group B protein.
Postdoc with Tinna Stevnsner