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Opening remarks by Daniel Otzen
09:05-09:15Welcome by the Head of Department Erik Østergaard Jensen


Invited speaker: Andreas Roepstorff, Aarhus University: Markers of Cooperation
10:00-10:30Coffee break
10:30-11:15Scientific session 1. Chair: Dugald Reid

Daniela Tsikou: Micro RNA miR2111 acts as a shoot derived inhibitor of root nodulation
Dennis V. Pedersen: Structural and functional characterization of human complement factor P
Kristine Blans: Extracellular vesicles in intercellular- and cross-species communication?
11:15-11:30Group photo (in the Per Kirkeby Auditorium) 
11:30-13:30Lunch, exhibitions and poster session (each section)
13:30-14:15Scientific session 2. Chair: Nicola Meola

Inés Sánchez Román: Metabolic analysis in two cases of Cockayne syndrome with a novel splice site mutation
Marcin Nadzieja: Auxin specific markers reveal novel auxin contribution to infection and organogenesis in Lotus japonicus nodulation
Kinga Winczura: Interaction profiling of RNP complexes - characterization of ZC3H18 protein
14:15-14:45Prize ceremony



Exhibitors’ prizes
Prize for the Best Oral Presentation
Teaching awards for Best Lecturer of the Year and
The Best Student Lecturer of the Year

14:45-15:15Coffee break

Keynote lecture: Poul Jennum, Rigshospitalet/Glostrup Hospital, Copenhagen: Sleep mechanisms associate to major health issues, e.g. insomnia, narcolepsy and Parkinsonism
18.30-02:00Dinner and party at Stakladen