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Impressions and photos from the first PhD conference

Photos from PhD conference for MBG students

28-29 October 2016

The first – and successful – PhD conference at MBG

It almost felt like going on trip without our parents. The atmosphere was excited, tense, and packed with unknown expectations. We went on a  two-day PhD conference with participation of 61 PhD students from Flakkebjerg, Foulum and Aarhus. The entire event was organized by MBG’s PhD association, with support from the department.

The program was tight! We wanted to use this opportunity for many aims: extending the knowledge and understanding about the activities of the department, networking, practicing oral and poster presentations, asking questions and making friends.

At a large department with multiple locations it is a challenge to achieve a feeling of unity. This is especially true for PhD students, who may only be familiar with a very small part of the department beforehand. It was therefore very important for the organizers to bridge networking and knowledge-sharing in this conference. We hope that this will contribute to stronger internal networks and hopefully collaborations in the future. Moreover, we believe that stronger relations between PhD students provide everybody with new and better ideas for their research, but most definitely also support and input to work constructively under the pressure that comes with being a PhD student.

By hosting the conference far from Aarhus and with no inclusion of senior academics we achieved a very intimate atmosphere. All participants engaged and took their presentations very seriously.  They took on the responsibility to make this a successful event by asking questions at talks, participating in all parts of the program and reflecting on the contents. Also, this was a great platform to discuss PhD-only topics, like educations, courses, rules, and future career.

In total, we are very happy with the event, and we believe that many of the goals mentioned above were reached. Luckily, 93% of the participants agreed with us that it was a good meeting. We hope for the support to maintain it as a recurring event, because it would enable everybody to build on the foundation that has been created this year.

The PhD Association at MBG

Emil Laust Kristoffersen, Rasmus Kock Flyggaard, Oskar Franch, Helene Halkjær Jensen, Sofie Hindkjær Lautrup, Mette Ozol, Anja Pen

The pictures were taken by Emil Laust Kristoffersen, Helene Halkjær Jensen and Rasmus Kock Flygaard.
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Group photo