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Advancing mink genetics by optical genome mapping

Title: Advancing mink genetics by optical genome mapping

Foundation: Promilleafgiftsfonden for landbrug

Project period: August 10, 2016 - December 31, 2016

Project objective and background

The objective is to establish comprehensive genetic resources for mink by improving our recently generated genome assembly. These activities will advance mink research, breeding and production which is of critical importance to maintain Denmarks excellent strategic position being the world’s largest producer of mink fur (15 million skins, constituting 30% of the world production; third largest agricultural export item of animal origin; 0.5 billion Euro gross value). Generally, knowledge of the genome sequence will provide genome- wide genetics markers, variation between individuals or populations, genome annotation for comparative genomics and gene prediction for candidate gene selection. Though genome information is essential to disc- over functional trait phenotypes for improving breeding and production the resources for many non-model organisms including livestock animals are limited, high-quality finished genomes are not available and the genomes often do not receive the years of curation necessary to resolve annotation and assembly errors. Thus, to improve the current fragmented mink genome BioNano Genomcis’ Irys optical mapping system will be used to generate an ordered genome-wide physiclal map yielding essential long-distance information (100-250 kbp). Using specific bioinformatics software tools the map will be integrated with our assembly providing higher continuity, chromosome scaffolding and validation. Continuity and completeness of the ge- nome are critical for correct gene annotation and detection of genetic variation to advance research in mink.

Project coordinator

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