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Genomics in Herds II

  • Funded by: Collaborative project between QGG, VikingGenetics, Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation & LUKE
  • AU Project leader: Mogens Sandø Lund
  • Project period: 01/01/2017-31/12/2019

Project description:

The project is a continuation of the project Genomics in Herds I. The project focuses on the use of genomic information in improvement of reproduction and animal welfare traits. We will continue to improve the methods initiated in Genomics in Herds I, and step-by-step approach the state of implementation.

Genomics in Herds II is based on cooperation of two leading Nordic research groups in genomics: Luke Finland and Aarhus University, Denmark. It is structured in three work packages:

1) Use of large scale cow genotyping and bull sequence data in model development and genomic prediction;

2) Multi-trait single-step evaluations for complex reproduction traits;

3) Implementation of Genomic prediction in Nordic Genetic Evaluations.

Both research partners participate in each work package, and the packages exchange data and know how. The first two packages are primarily research and development, and they provide solid support for the third, implementation work package. The implementation of research results and dialog between research and practice is guaranteed as the third package is coordinated by Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation, the key operator in Nordic genetic evaluations.