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Members of EMBO

Every year, about 150 of the most renowned European molecular biologists are nominated for membership of EMBO, but only about 50 get through the eye of a needle. They represent fields ranging from molecular biology and neuroscience to computational neurobiology and cellular immunology. They must first be nominated by ten EMBO members from different European laboratories, after which the EMBO members decide by voting who should be elected.

Only the very best molecular biologists in Europe thus achieve this recognition. Out of a total of approximately 1600 EMBO members, there are now 21 Danes (including eight from Aarhus University).

The EMBO members have a significant influence on developments in molecular biological research in Europe. Several members serve on different EMBO committees that award grants to the organisation of international conferences and practical courses, as well as granting scholarships to young researchers to work in European laboratories to encourage mobility and promote their career opportunities.