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Knud Larsen

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Knud Erik Larsen's research, CV, publications, activities etc.


My research project aims at developing pig models for human neurodegenerative diseases, primarily Parkinson's disease (PD). We try to generate transgenic pig models that develop the disease. The inherited (family) types of PD form the basis for our studies. Mutations in at least 15 different named human genes are known to induce hereditary forms of Parkinson's disease. The experimental work involves isolation and characterization of pig genes whose human homologues / orthologists are known to be associated with PD.

We also investigate whether splicing variants of the involved genes may be linked to disease development. Expression assays and overexpression of wild-type genes as well as mutated versions thereof are performed in various mammalian cells including pigs fibroblast cells. Transgenic pigs are generated with mutated versions of selected candidate genes using two different transgenic techniques. One is a combination of homologous recombination, nuclear transfer and animal cloning, and the other method of transgenesis uses lentivirus. In addition, I continuously try to identify natural pigment models for neurodegenerative diseases.

In various other research projects I also deal with general animal molecular genetics.