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Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology

Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology

Development and maintenance of multi-cellular organisms requires a coordinate communication between cells. This communication secures that cells behave appropriately according to their position in the body and maintain proper homeostasis. Disturbance of this communication may result in aberrant differentiation, malformation, tumor development, or cellular degeneration.

The research in the section focuses on cell proliferation, cell differentiation, cell polarization, cell death, and the development of multi-cellular organisms. Molecular mechanisms are investigated from the gene level to their cellular function using primary cells (e.g. human and mouse stem cells), cell lines, and mouse models. Transgene and knock down/out approaches, biochemical studies, and microscopic analyses are central for assessing the role of genes and the processes determining cell fate, cell growth and proliferation, cell specification, cell to cell interactions, cell to extracellular matrix interactions, the influence of nutritional and environmental factors, and the interaction with microbes.

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