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Research in the media

Researches develop new protein for prevention of influenza virus infection

An international research team has developed a new protein drug which has the potential to be used for protection against all types of influenza infection. By delivering the drug as a DNA vector it may also function as a universal influenza vaccine.

Researchers describe antibody that can stop allergic reactions

Researchers have found a new mechanism in which an antibody can prevent allergic reactions in a broad range of patients. It is a scientific breakthrough, which could pave the way for a far more effective allergy medicine.

Llama-derived nanobodies as a new tool in solving crystal structure

Aarhus University scientists have developed miniature antibodies (nanobodies) that can be labelled on certain amino acids. This provides a direct route for solving new X-ray crystal structures of protein complexes important for gaining mechanistic understanding of cellular processes, which is important in the development of drugs.

Young Elite Researcher Prize awarded to influenza vaccine researcher

The Danish Council for Independent Research has awarded a Young Elite Researcher Prize to Postdoctoral Scholar Nick Stub Laursen to develop a universal influenza vaccine, so that it will no longer be necessary to be vaccinated with a new vaccine every year.