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Influence of FUT1 gene variants on porcine gut health

Project funded by: Det Frie Forskningsråd for Teknologi og Produktion

Project starts: 01.04.2012. Project ends: 01.04.2015.

Short project description

Genetic variation that mediates resistance to pathogenic E.coli infections provides great potentials for enhancing gut health in pig production through selective breeding. However, genetic selection may also perturb the normal balance of gut flora, and thereby adversely affect gut health. Hence knowledge is needed to understand the specific mechanisms involved. We aim to characterise how genetic variants of ?-(1,2) fucosyltransferase 1 (FUT1) influence the molecular mechanisms that control colonisation of the young porcine gut. Specifically, we want to investigate the effect of selecting a gene variant that leads to loss of function of an enzyme which otherwise is highly conserved throughout evolution and therefore likely serves important biological roles. We aim to provide knowledge important for understanding the potential health consequences this genetic variant mediates. This knowledge is needed for evaluating gains and risks associated with genetic selection of specific FUT1 variants in pig production.

Project leader

Name Job title Email Phone Mobile Building
Bendixen, Emøke Senior Researcher ebx@mbg.au.dk +4587155441 +4523847547

Fellow scientists and staff at Aarhus University

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Panitz, Frank Senior Researcher frank.panitz@mbg.au.dk 1130, 207
Thomassen, Dorte Laboratory Technician dth@mbg.au.dk +4587155449 3134

Pia Hønnerup Jensen, University of Southern Denmark, phjensen@health.sdu.dk, 6550 3704