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Kjeld Marcker PhD Prize

The MBG PhD program committee has suggested to establish a MBG PhD price which will be named in honour of Kjeld Marcker, one of the founding professors of our Department.

The price will be given to exceptional PhD students who have defended their PhD study in the past year. There will not be a fixed number of prices per year, but only truly outstanding candidates will be considered. 

The VIP members of the PhD program committee will assess candidates on their overall  performance. All activities during the PhD study will be considered, but scientific success will be weighted strongly. Obvious aspects are publications, independence and initiative in the scientific work, popular science activities, but also any other activities within the Department or University.

Self-nomination is not possible, but anyone, including PhD students, is welcome to suggest candidates to the MBG program committee. Suggestions should include a justification, as well as the CV and publication list of the PhD student. For this year, candidates should have defended their PhD theis in 2018 or 2019.

The prize will be awarded at the annual meeting of the department.  

Please send your nomination to Line Ljungqvist Dvinge ldvinge@mbg.au.dk