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07.09.2010 | Forskning

Migraine is caused by a defect in brain cells

Hear the radio interview with Hanne Poulsen, Dept. Molecular Biology, Aarhus University, in DR P1 radio programme Videnskabens Verden (Science World). Although the sodium-potassium pump has been known and studied for more than 50 years, postdoctoral scholar Hanne Poulsen and her colleagues at the Department of Molecular Biology recently discovered…

02.09.2010 | Forskning

Neurological disorders caused by defects in cell pump

The sodium-potassium pump is essential for all animal life and is the target of some of the oldest known drugs. However, although the pump has been known and studied for more than 50 years, a group of Danish scientists has just discovered a new aspect of its very basic mechanism. Perturbations of the mechanism can cause the neurological diseases…

01.09.2010 | Forskning

New Staff Member: Linda Schuldt

Linda Schuldt is employed as a post doctoral fellow in Professor Poul Nissen's lab for the period 1 September 2010 - 31 August 2012. Linda comes from EMBL, Hamburg, Germany and is here with her own funding from FSS. We welcome Linda to the PUMPkin centre!