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28.02.2013 | Forskning

Aarhus University celebrates elite partnership

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) – Europe’s flagship for basic research in the life sciences – is including Aarhus University as its Danish partner. This will be celebrated in the Main Hall on 5 March with the inauguration of the DANDRITE neuroscience centre, which will make Aarhus a magnet for top international research into…

General overview of the Na+,K+-ATPase E2P:ouabain complex. (C) Cartoon representation of the E2P:ouabain complex determined at 4.6 Å resolution. The ouabain molecule is displayed as a sphere representation in green and red within the TM segment.

18.02.2013 | Forskning

JSB Paper-of-the-Year award 2013 to Laure Yatime et al.

The paper "Structural insights into the high affinity binding of cardiotonic steroids to the Na+,K+-ATPase" by Laure Yatime, and Mette Laursen among others, has been awarded the "Paper-of-the-Year" award 2013 by Journal of Structural Biology.

12.02.2013 | Forskning

American university students visit Aarhus University

Twenty American undergraduates in biomedicine visit the PUMPkin Centre to learn about its research and see the centre's facilities.

11.02.2013 | Forskning

Double up on "JBC Papers in Press" contributed by PUMPkin members

PUMPkin members have two papers in press in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. One is in the category Minireviews by post doc Maike Bublitz et al., and the other is in the category of neurobiology by former PhD student Canan Doganli et al. The 11 February 2013 in the morning only these two papers were listed as in press - which was a really cool…