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08.03.2013 | Forskning

Last image in a molecular ‘cartoon strip’ now in place

Researchers from the PUMPkin Centre at Aarhus University have worked together with a newly started biotech company to draw the last image in a scientific ‘comic strip’ that illustrates the migration and function of calcium in the body. Their discovery has been published in the journal Nature and has great significance for product development –…

06.03.2013 | Forskning

Lundbeck Foundation Centre in Aarhus for top European brain research

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Europe’s flagship laboratory for the life sciences, is now joining forces with Aarhus University as its Danish partner of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine. On the initiative of the Lundbeck Foundation, a new elite research centre – DANDRITE – is to form the prestigious setting for…

06.03.2013 | Forskning

PUMPkin and Pcovery pave the way for research in new heart medicine

The Danish specialized newspaper The Engineer ("Ingeniøren") describes the important findings of the new Nature publication by PUMPkin and Pcovery. Results show that it is the interaction between two proteins that controls the heart beat, and this could lead to new possibilities for focussed research in heart medicine. (Article only in Danish)

04.03.2013 | Forskning

A gateway to the muscle calcium pump - joint Nature publication by the PUMPkin Centre and PCovery

New publication in Nature on "The sarcolipin-bound calcium pump stabilizes calcium sites exposed to the cytoplasm" by PUMPkin and Pcovery fellows, published online in March 2013

01.03.2013 | Forskning

Front cover of Journal of Cell Science - and research article

The front cover of the December 2012 issue of the Journal of Cell Science is made by former PUMPkin fellow Canan Do?anl?, and Jakob Kibsgaard. The beautiful picture shows the zebrafish ATP1a2 in a slow-twitch muscle cell. Transcripts encoding the Na+/K+-ATPase ?2-isoform (Atp1a2) are predominantly expressed in slow-twitch muscles, and not…

01.03.2013 | Forskning

"Curiosity pays off" - publication from the Danish National Research Foundation

The Danish National Research Foundation has written a publication on curiosity-driven research at their Centres of Excellence. The publication includes the article "Basic research gives new companys a unique advantage" about the PUMPkin Centre and its spin-off company Pcovery (the article is only in Danish, "Grundforskning giver nye firmaer en…