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09.12.2013 | Forskning

How the cells remove copper

New research from Aarhus University provides deeper insight into causes of serious diseases involving copper metabolism. Mapping the mechanism that regulates the transport of copper across the cell membrane and out of the body’s cells actually provides a new understanding of conditions related to chronic imbalance in the body’s level of copper.

15.11.2013 | Forskning

When human cells are unable to protect themselves

Pontus Gourdon, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, has just been awarded a Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship, and he will study what happens when the transport of substances in and out of the cells does not work. Dreaded dementia diseases can occur if there is an imbalance in a number of substances in human cells.

12.11.2013 | Forskning

The description of the sodium-potassium pump among the 10 best research results in 2013

In September, Poul Nissen's research group published the description of the sodium-potassium pump in Science. Videnskab.dk has now nominated these results to be among the 10 best research results in 2013.

01.10.2013 | Forskning

Henriette Autzen receives EMBO short term fellowship

PhD student Henriette Autzen receives EMBO short term fellowship, which will be used on a months research stay in Prof. Mark Sansom's laboratory “Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biochemistry (SBCB) Unit” at University of Oxford.

20.09.2013 | Forskning

Crucial new insight into the secrets of Nobel Prize-winning pump

Jens Chr. Skou was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the sodium-potassium pump. Now, a team of researchers from Aarhus has completed the description of its structure. A result which is of vital importance for our understanding of the body's functions and essential for our understanding of illness and for the development of new medicines.

16.09.2013 | Forskning

Manuela Gorgel receives EMBO short term fellowship

PhD student Manuela Gorgel receives EMBO short term fellowship in order to have a 3 months research stay in Dr. Moh El-Naggar's group at University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

05.09.2013 | Priser

Joseph Lyons receives The Young Investigator Award at Diamond Light Source

Joseph Lyons receives the award in recognition of the work carried out during his PhD studies on the development of a lipid mediated crystallisation method and its application to membrane proteins, which involved extensive use of the I24 beamline at Diamond Light Source. In addition to the honour of winning the award, Joseph Lyons receives GBP500.

09.08.2013 | Forskning

Small adrenal tumours cause high blood pressure

In collaboration with a Cambridge research group, Danish researchers from the research centre PUMPkin at Aarhus University have revealed why up to 10 percent of the population have high blood pressure.

Somatic mutations in ATP1A1 and CACNA1D in APAs. (a) Schematic of Na+/K+ ATPase subunit ?1 and Cav 1.3. Colored circles indicate the positions where somatic alterations or deletions have been described in APAs.

07.08.2013 | Forskning

New publication: Somatic mutations in ATP1A1 and CACNA1D underlie a common subtype of adrenal hypertension

Focus on our new research results by BBC! The new results have revealed the cause of elevated blood pressure in a large group of patients. It turns out to be linked to mutations in ion pumps in the cell membrane (the Na+,K+-ATPase) and in two different ion channels in the small adenomes of the adrenal glands, which causes an increased secretion of…

On the right: Professor Poul Nissen with postdoctoral fellow Henning Tidow, PhD student Sigrid Thirup and chief technician Anna Marie Nielsen. Furthermore, people of the drug discovery team are present in this picture (from left): Jens Christian Bredahl Sørensen, Claus Olesen, Christine Juul Fælled Nielsen and Jacob Lauwring.

03.06.2013 | Forskning

A turbo switch speeds up a crucial calcium pump

PUMPkin research featured in the iNANO report 2012! In plant and animal cells calmodulin-stimulated calcium pumps are key regulators of the calcium concentration inside the cells and therefore essential to life. If they fail, the intracellular calcium concentration rises pushing the cell to commit suicide. The pump contains a previously unknown…

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