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12.02.2013 | Forskning

American university students visit Aarhus University

Twenty American undergraduates in biomedicine visit the PUMPkin Centre to learn about its research and see the centre's facilities.

11.02.2013 | Forskning

Double up on "JBC Papers in Press" contributed by PUMPkin members

PUMPkin members have two papers in press in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. One is in the category Minireviews by post doc Maike Bublitz et al., and the other is in the category of neurobiology by former PhD student Canan Doganli et al. The 11 February 2013 in the morning only these two papers were listed as in press - which was a really cool…

29.01.2013 | Presseklip

Front Cover of the DESY Photon Science Report 2012 by post doc Henning Tidow

Post doc Henning Tidow's picture of calcium pump/calmodulin complex crystals has been selected as the front cover picture for this year's Photon Science Report of DESY. Furthermore, Henning Tidow has contributed with a Research Highlight article on the "Turbo swich of calcium pump in biological cells" (page 38-39).

24.01.2013 | Navne

Senior groupleader Jesper Vuust Møller turns 75 years

Senior groupleader at the PUMPkin Centre and Professor emeritus at Institute of Biomedicine - Physiology and Biophysics at Aarhus University, Jesper Vuust Møller, turns 75 the 24th of January 2013. Already when he was a medical student, Jesper Vuust Møller started his scientific career.

02.01.2013 | Forskning

Carlsberg travel stipend for post doc Michael Jakob Clausen

In December 2012 post doc Michael Jakob Clausen was awarded a travel stipend of 350,000 DKK from the Carlsberg Foundation. The money is going to be spend for a years salery during his stay in Oxford, UK, where Michael is going to work in Stephen Tuckers research laboratory.

29.11.2012 | Priser

Miriam-Rose Ash is awarded the "Australian Synchrotron Thesis Medal"

For her study into the essential roles that iron and copper play in living organisms. The medal is awarded annually to the PhD student at an Australian or New Zealand University, who is judged to have completed the most outstanding thesis of the past two years, whose work was undertaken at and acknowledges the Australian Synchrotron.

21.10.2012 | Forskning

Danish researchers release ground-breaking knowledge about calcium pumps in cells

When animals and plants are exposed to influences such as bacterial attack, odour and cold, calcium ions flow into the cells. The calcium provides the cells with a signal about what is going on outside, but as high concentrations of calcium are toxic to the cells, it must be quickly pumped out again. Researchers from the Danish National Research…

25.09.2012 | Forskning

AU attracts international research talent

Aarhus University regards the development of research talent as one of its central tasks, both for the benefit of society and the world of research, which depends for its vitality on coming generations of new talent. One important aspect of the university’s focus on researcher talent development efforts involves attracting talented researchers…

27.08.2012 | Forskning

15 millions to new membrane centre at Aarhus University

Nyt center for membranproteiner samler forskere fra Health og Science and Technology. De forenede kræfter skal give en dybere forståelse af membranproteinerne i de menneskelige celler. (Article only in Danish)

01.08.2012 | Presseklip

Radio interview about evolution with Prof. Poul Nissen

Professor Poul Nissen tells bout evolution and the mechanisms behind evolution to the student radio at Aarhus University. Hear the interview here (in Danish).

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