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16.07.2012 | Priser

PhD student Manuela Gorgel receives award from Lübeck University - Best Master Student of the Year

In July 2012 PhD student Manuela Gorgel receives the award "Bester Master im Studiengang Molecular Life Science" from Lübeck University. With the award comes a check of 1.000 Euro.

28.06.2012 | Forskning

New cancer drug shows great promise

Danish researchers have developed a new drug against prostate cancer in collaboration with researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the biotech company Genspera in the USA.

01.05.2012 | Forskning

Unique pump in sperm cells makes a difficult journey possible

In his PhD work, Michael Jakob Voldsgaard Clausen made a detailed study of a molecular pump that is essential for sperm cells and is not found in other types of cells (hear him tell about his research in this radio interview).

12.10.2011 | Forskning

Award: Maria Musgaard and Pontus Gourdon

Post docs Maria Musgaard and Pontus Gourdon both won one of the ten "Best Presentation Award" at the ASBMB Special Symposium Series 2011

11.10.2011 | Forskning

Prestigeous funding to Karin Lykke-Hartmann

The Parkinson Foundation has awarded Asso. Professor Karin Lykke-Hartmann with a prestigeous funding for her research project: "Dissecting dopaminergic signaling in basal ganglie"

05.10.2011 | Forskning

PhD opportunity: ATPases in development

A PhD stipend is available at the PUMPkin Centre in the research group of Asso. Professor Karin Lykke-Hartmann, Dept. Biomedicine, Aarhus University.

03.10.2011 | Forskning

Award: Adriana K. Kantcheva

Our PhD student Adriana K. Kantcheva received the RCSB PDB Poster Prize honorable mention at the 22nd Congress of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) for her poster "Structure of the chloride dependent E290S-LeuT mutant from Aquifex aeolicus"

01.07.2011 | Forskning

Protein pumps copper, silver and gold

Researchers from Aarhus University are the first in the world to map the structure of a protein that pumps copper ions across the cell membrane. Almost all organisms are dependent on this protein to control the cell levels of copper, which is essential in small quantities but deadly toxic at elevated concentrations. The findings have been…

17.05.2011 | Forskning

Scientists reveal new basic knowledge of cell membranes

Following an interdisciplinary collaboration, scientists at Aarhus University have presented a ground-breaking method to study cell membranes. A better understanding of the complexity of membrane function may give the scientists new ideas for developing new types of medical treatment against prostate cancer, for example. The results have been…

02.05.2011 | Forskning

Successful recruitment of highly motivated foreign PhD students

The molecular biosciences departments at Aarhus University have been successful in recruiting talented foreign PhD students who contribute with extensive knowledge, new ideas and methods, exciting foreign culture and, above all, a contagious motivation.

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