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A turbo switch speeds up a crucial calcium pump

PUMPkin research featured in the iNANO report 2012! In plant and animal cells calmodulin-stimulated calcium pumps are key regulators of the calcium concentration inside the cells and therefore essential to life. If they fail, the intracellular calcium concentration rises pushing the cell to commit suicide. The pump contains a previously unknown third gear that makes it flush calcium out of the cell. These three stages of progressive activation enables tight control of cellular calcium and reveals new drug targets.

03.06.2013 | Karen Bech

On the right: Professor Poul Nissen with postdoctoral fellow Henning Tidow, PhD student Sigrid Thirup and chief technician Anna Marie Nielsen. Furthermore, people of the drug discovery team are present in this picture (from left): Jens Christian Bredahl Sørensen, Claus Olesen, Christine Juul Fælled Nielsen and Jacob Lauwring.

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