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Front Cover of the DESY Photon Science Report 2012 by post doc Henning Tidow

Post doc Henning Tidow's picture of calcium pump/calmodulin complex crystals has been selected as the front cover picture for this year's Photon Science Report of DESY. Furthermore, Henning Tidow has contributed with a Research Highlight article on the "Turbo swich of calcium pump in biological cells" (page 38-39).

29.01.2013 | Karen Bech

The front cover picture shows:
Protein crystals containing a calcium pump/calmodulin complex. The structure of this complex has been solved by X-ray crystallography and small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS). Using an interdisciplinary approach, this structure together with further in vitro and in vivo characterisation and mathematical modelling led to the identification of a bimodular regulation mechanism of the calcium pump, which contains a previously unknown “turbo gear”. More information about this measurement can be found in the contribution ‘Turbo switch of calcium pump in biological cells’ on page 38.

Link to the DESY Photon Science Report 2012