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New publication: Somatic mutations in ATP1A1 and CACNA1D underlie a common subtype of adrenal hypertension

Focus on our new research results by BBC! The new results have revealed the cause of elevated blood pressure in a large group of patients. It turns out to be linked to mutations in ion pumps in the cell membrane (the Na+,K+-ATPase) and in two different ion channels in the small adenomes of the adrenal glands, which causes an increased secretion of the hormone aldosteron, which inturns elevates the blood pressure. The research is done in close collaboration with a research tam in Cambridge, who has been interviewed about the project by BBC.

07.08.2013 | Karen Bech

Somatic mutations in ATP1A1 and CACNA1D in APAs. (a) Schematic of Na+/K+ ATPase subunit ?1 and Cav 1.3. Colored circles indicate the positions where somatic alterations or deletions have been described in APAs.

Link to BBC article

Link to online publication of the newly published article