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Senior groupleader Jesper Vuust Møller turns 75 years

Senior groupleader at the PUMPkin Centre and Professor emeritus at Institute of Biomedicine - Physiology and Biophysics at Aarhus University, Jesper Vuust Møller, turns 75 the 24th of January 2013. Already when he was a medical student, Jesper Vuust Møller started his scientific career.

24.01.2013 | Karen Bech

For several years since 1966 he was employed as associate professor and section coordinator at the institute of Medical Biochemistry, Aarhus University, and from 1990-2008 he was employed as professor in biophysics at Aarhus University. He was chairman of the Biotechnological Membrane Centre from 1992-1996. Since 2008 he has worked as professor emeritus still at Aarhus University and at the PUMPkin Centre, which is a centre sponsored by the Danish National Research Foundation.

He was awarded the gold medal of Aarhus University in 1964 and became dr.med. in 1968. Thereafter, he did research travels to the United Kingdom (1968-69) and to the USA (1973-74) and received scholarsjips from Professor Aage Th. B. Jacobsens Fund 1965, was awarded the Hanstedgaard Fund's Honourprize, and the Cambridge Certificate of Outstanding Scientific Achievement in 2011.
He is knight of Dannebrog.

Jesper Vuust Møller is the author of much scientific work in international journals. The focus of the research has been how cells are able to absorb and release compounds of medical-physiological interest. Of special interest has been the research concerning a calciumpump, which is of central importance for the function of the cell. As professor emeritus, he will continue the work investigating the possibilities to use inhibition of the calciumpump to, among other things, treatment of cancer.


Translated from the Danish newspaper "Politikken"'s website
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